Transport of 250 tonne set from Pilsen to Germany

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On Sunday, 16 June, in the late hours, the turbine was successfully transported from Pilsen to the Rozvadov border crossing. The team of our company proved its experience and professionalism in managing this demanding logistic operation.

The turbine from Doosan Škoda Power in Pilsen presented a significant challenge for the transport. With a length of 58 metres and a total weight of 250 tonnes, including the harness, it was one of the largest transports we have completed in recent times.

The cooperation with the transport company Bohnet Gmbh was crucial for the smooth running of the transport. The transport was accompanied by four escort vehicles Trans Service Václav Mrštík DOPROVODY s.r.o. and a police vehicle.

The exit from the city of Pilsen was without complications and the train connected to the D5 motorway without any problems. Before the Rozvadov border crossing, the train had to drive on a newly repaired section of the motorway, which had not yet been officially opened.

Unfortunately, there were complications at the border car park. Due to the lack of parking spaces, the parking lot was full of trucks. Many of them had to interrupt their break and forcibly leave to make room for our transport. This situation is unfortunately common in Rozvadov and we hope that it will improve after the planned reconstruction of the parking lot.

Despite these minor complications, the transport of the turbine was without major problems and it arrived on time at the Rozvadov border crossing. Our company thus once again demonstrated its strengths in the field of transporting oversized cargo and confirmed its reputation as a reliable and professional partner.

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